Wed Apr 21 - Phi Phi Island Tour

Wednesday was 100% Ricky and Lindsay day. We set out in the morning on a motorboat and snorkeling tour of Phi Phi Islands. We didn’t take a camera or anything valuable, so we’d be free to jump in and out of the water. The islands were beautiful, and we stopped at various points along the way to enjoy seeing more tropical fish and coral, similar to what we’d seen on Pulau Mamutik.

May Bay, Phi Phi Island, Thailand pictures.jpg


We returned to Krabi and hit the strand in search of dinner.

Despite the relative variety in food thusfar (Thai, Malay, Chinese, Indian), we caved into our American tendencies and chowed down on some Burger King and Haagen-Dazs. I wasn’t really paying attention and purchased the most expensive ice cream I’d ever eaten, something like $10 for each of us, which gave us a good laugh, considering you can get a plate of pad thai for less than $3. Oops.

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