Today was a BEAUTIFUL day in Boston! I have been convinced that it is definitely warming up, and there is hope for a beautiful spring. The trees are budding, the crocuses have pushed through the ground and bloomed. Springtime up here always fills me with a sense of hope, as the cold, dark, quiet winter gives way. Everything is put in motion. Especially obvious to me are the rowers and runners on the Charles River. Also in motion is frozen water starting to thaw. I'm taking this opportunity to post an old photo with a moving water theme (It's 5 years, if you can believe it, from our honeymoon in Maine, where this picture was taken.). I convinced Ricky to wear a helmet with me, having seen a others go overboard and suffer injuries. It wasn't until the slideshow at the end of the day that we realized that not only did we look like TOTAL dorks, but we were the ONLY ones on the entire trip to wear helmets.