Wow, so no Hardy blogging since October! Here's the Hardy November calendar for your update.

We kicked it off with a trip to Texas. We stayed in Angela and Jody's new house in West U and spent the majority of our days there eating, shopping, and playing trains with Hardy. I had fun seeing how much Hardy was using his trains to learn colors, numbers, and vocabulary. We went on for hours like this. Hardy: "What color is James?" Me: "Red." Hardy: "What color is Percy?" Me: "Um...(pause)..." Hardy: "Is he green?" Me: "...(pause)..." ...Is he? Is he green?" Me: "Is he green?" Hardy: "Yes, he is."

We also celebrated Maggie's first birthday. It was a princess party, with everything pink. Maggie wasn't so sure about being the center of attention, but the rest of the kids and I enjoyed the big event, complete with princess clown.

Midweek, we made a trip to Palestine and later shopped our way back to Houston...Thank you Cynthia! All my work friends are jealous of my mother-in-law.

Back in Boston, we celebrated Thanksgiving at dad's, with a table of 10 and a big bird. That Saturday we celebrated again with mom at Uncle Bob's house. Mom made a traditional roast beef and yorkshire pudding to celebrate our English roots.

I didn't take any pictures in November, so I stole this sweet one from Angela. It's a classic!