Baby Break

It started as a 12" tear I noticed one morning.
A day later, it grew...and then grew some more.
So...you think this man needs to cut his toenails?
...and lighten up the subject matter of his dreams?
Anyone else got ideas?


She-Ra Princess of Power

If you had any doubt as to whether the two of us would produce a strong child, here she is lifting her chest up off the table. I didn't catch it on video, but she finished and said, "What's up world? Show me what's next."


Look What I Found

My mama thinks it's as awesome as I do, especially when she finds me smack smack smacking away!


Daddy Daycare

If our darling girl is going to nap, she wants to be HELD. Daddy took charge this weekend so I could take my Resident In Service Exam (blech).

My daddy looks like me, and I love him!

Oh no, not the ergo! I can't resist it....zzzzzzzzz.

On Saturday, she realized she could coo and I would coo back. Her whole face lit up and she got more excited with each noise. Now we "talk" all the time. So much fun!



My what cool engineering books you have daddy.

Daddy's alarm clock(s).


She's a Punk! (and my princess)

7 weeks tomorrow!
We're working on sleep and....
At the Hardy barbershop, all greased up for her cradle cap treatment session.

This froggie's trying to catch a smooch from my princess.


Hello World

Our sleeping beauty is 6 weeks and has awoken! Mormor & I took her to the beach to celebrate. (See previous post.)

New skillz:
-Staring at and talking to her mobile, even with squeals! (Thank you Cat for lending it!)
-Bigger smiles
-Studying faces

Naomi getting a quick nap in after a hard day at the beach.