Growing Babes

The last and most exciting thing to share is the kids. We were so grateful for having the family travel with these two so that Ricky and I could see how their personalities are unfolding. Hardy is still a Thomas the Tank Engine fanatic (note the PJs). A few times I thought he might be striking up a conversation with me, but he was actually rehashing Thomas stories aloud. He's got those things memorized backwards and forwards. So while Hardy is impressively meticulous, Maggie is simply an animal; she'll crawl anywhere and eat anything. That's right, they're busting up gender stereotypes left and right. At one point I pretended to be attacking them both. Maggie looked up with a huge smile and started racing toward me. Hardy raised his eyebrows, stepped aside and pointed me toward Maggie! It was priceless. We miss them and can't wait to see them again soon.


No Hardy vacation is complete without a little overindulgence. Ricky & I took the family to some of our latest and/or greatest finds. This included Neptune Oyster bar, Hi Rise Bread Co, Beauty's Pizza, Basta Pasta, and all the way to Ipswich for some fried scallops (my favorite), haddock, clams, etc.


Red Sox (14) - Yankees (1)

Ricky's dad treated us to Red Sox tickets. Better yet, they were Red Sox - Yankees tickets. Even better still, the Sox annihilated the Yankees. This was a total stroke of good fortune (attending a win), since the Sox lost both other games that weekend, and Red Sox fans are not nearly so much fun when they're losing.


New Hampshire 2009

Excuse us for the HUGE gaps in posts. You must be getting dreadfully anxious to see how we've been doing. Wait no more; we've finally uploaded some of our photos, so prepare yourself for rapid-fire posting. The first is a tribute to our beautiful neighboring state of NH. We've made it up there 2 more times since the triathlon.

This trip was to Winnipesaukee, thanks to generous friends that played host at their incredible retreat. Thank you friends! Here is one of our feasts. Yum.