Busy Bee

Taking a break for sweet satisfaction. Naomi says, "Thank you Maggie for giving me your BlaBla doll!"

Then back at it...I tried to hide the outlet behind the furniture, but she went straight for it. I tried to shove the plugs in with the furniture, but it was no match for her.


Videos for the Fans

So much to be thankful for this week.
Here is the place where we show how thankful we are for every day with this little girl!
We could watch her all day long. If you feel the same, you'll enjoy these.

Standing and proud of it!

She could do this all day. (She's not as close to the ceiling as she looks.)

We broke out some "new" toys. She's getting ready to play percussion in cousin Miles' band.

New tricks:
-Increasing her crawling speed (clocking drastically improved splits).
-Pulling up on furniture (and sometimes chewing the varnish off).
-Grinding teeth with her 5 front teeth. (Eeek what a noise!)
-New sounds, clicks, squeals and screams, and using them to COMMUNICATE. (Sometimes makes the "Miss Piggy" frustrated squeal.)
-Definitely understands "up" and will throw her elbows in the air, eyes wide and excited.
-Bounces in daddy's lap to get him to throw her in the air.


Luke Jonathan Kelber

6 lbs 13 oz 19 in
wonderfully made

looks like his big bro
congratulations julie and jonathan