I took far too many study breaks today, but the result is that I get to share the following with you:



Red Sox

While our family was being chased out of Houston by Hurricane Ike, Ricky and I were "suffering" through a Red Sox game. (The Texas faction was actually doing quite well and enjoying some family bonding in Palestine.) Ricky had landed some sweet tickets from a tennis buddy at face value...AND behind home plate. This stadium sets records for consecutive sold-out games, so tickets are almost always at a big mark-up, i.e. Ricky scored a deal worthy of making Big Rick proud. The downer of the event, of course, was losing an embarassing 8-1, but you can't beat sitting this close. Check out Rice's very own David Aardsma (we're rooting for you buddy!) and the New England Clam Chowder! Please come visit us and give us an excuse to go back!


The Bean is 4 weeks old!

I love to visualize things...which makes it good that I chose pathology for the career. Now I'm visualizing The Kelber Bean by these awesome developments: now about 1/2" long and currently starting to work on formation of the lungs, jaw, nose, and palate.


Breaking The News

It was my privilege to help break the news to my dear dad that he is soon to be a grandpa! BEFORE any of you get excited that the yankee hardys have news of their own, please review the previous post...we Bonner sisters are thus far entering this monumental life stage according to age. Getting to the point...it is my big sis that's providing a warm comfy home for something I like to call "The Bean." I like this name because the bean is only 3 weeks past becoming a diplotype! (nerd humor for sperm meets egg) Anywho, dad was the last to know because Julie played it all to cool on his voicemail, and he thought he could wait for the weekend to give the call back. During this interim eternity during which everyone else knew the news, we began devising backup plans for the news broadcast. Julie thought of flowers, and I offered the delivery. Now there is something inherently different about telling your dad news like "I'm pregnant," but judging by the picture, it looks like he's happily ready to fill that special elbow nook once again (perhaps while also giving some granfatherly advice).


A New Blog

My sister Julie and her husband Jonathan created their very own blogspot for an extra special occasion. http://thekelbers.blogspot.com/