Safe to say she's got Halloween figured out.
This video fueled by 1/4 of a snack sized Kit Kat and 20 M&M's.
(sorry for the lighting)


A Mom Tries to Be Productive at Home

We're big on the slow cooker around here, so when I came across this experiment, I had to try it.

The goal: 9 sacks of food sitting in the freezer, ready to be dumped into the cooker and ready 4-8hrs later.

The inspiration:

The implementation:
1) Veggies from mom's garden
2) Shopping at TJ's and Whole Foods
3) A few hours of prep
4) The baby tired of not being the center of attention

5) Taste is TBD!

A Feisty Late May

My last post was before my board exam...which I passed...a golden ticket good for the next ten years.

The reward was a visit from dear friends Scott, Palm, and Paul - all the way from Malaysia!

The highlight for you will be seeing Scott's photography. I'll let it speak for itself.



Having some fun with giraffe.

Snuggle zoo

Love some aunt Marnie



Patriot's Day Sun

Summer in Boston came early, and this chick was prepared.
This chick knows how to have a good time...

What's better than an elephant pool?

Look everyone, I'm standing on it!

Easter Baskets

My Easter basket...

Naomi's Easter basket...

Aunt Marnie, you're so snuggly!

Caught a tiger by the tail.


A New Home!

Thanks to all for your encouragement, prayers, thoughts, and help. We're settled in our new place in Huron Village (West Cambridge), just steps from 2 toy stores, some fabulous restaurants and Mt. Auburn Cemetary (gorgeous). We're so happy here. It has extra space in all the right places - first floor living, a real dishwasher, disposal, space for a kitchen table freeing up the dining room for a play room, a toddler-sized patio, and two separate nooks for studying/working.

This chick had no trouble getting settled. She thinks she's royalty in this chair from Nana.


Baby of Mine

What a gift to parents in need of comic relief!


New Wheels

This sweet ride came in the mail yesterday & we put it together last night.
This morning, she was excited that she didn't even notice me say goodbye. (Note the still pink "I just woke up" cheeks.)

Impromptu snuggle break.

And tonight...safe to say she was pumped.


Yankee Cousins Part 2

Surprise #1 - Some snow for the California boy

Surprise #2 - cousin Riley, 10 mo, shows up with her mom (Wendy)

4 of 4 sisters (Marnie, Lindsay, Wendy, Julie) and 3 of 4 grandkids (Naomi 1, Luke 4mo, Miles 2.5)

Two busy girls, one happy Mormor

Mormor, her 4 babes and their 4 babes

Surprise #3 - the big California boy (aka Jonathan) arrives via red-eye

Grandpa, his 4 babes (3/4 of their dudes), 4/4 of their babes


Yankee Cousins Part 1

The Kelbers are in town!
Miles 2.5, Naomi 11mo, Luke 4mo

Auntie Marnie trying to engineer the shot with two tykes on the move.

3 of 4 sisters, 2 of 4 cousins

...and the patriarch

One great big happy birthday for Grandpa!


Just for Fun

Kathryn taking care of Naomi has been just sublime. To top it all off, she takes photos like this of my little lady.

P.S. The girl has 10 teeth! 3 molars in one week. Eek.

Yes, a very good day.

I'm busy here but I'll still flash you a little smile.


Leaping into Christmas

I can't believe I didn't take more photos of the cousins together. It was a Houston Christmas. Naomi had a field day. She played hard. The toy collection was not lost on this chick. By the end of the week, we had a new child...she had grown up so much!