Saturday Apr 17 - Portuguese BBQ

We continued our culinary tour of Malaysia by stopping for Portuguese Barbecue, Malaysian style. It was picnic style, with long tables and a grill at the end. The boys picked out the meat, and we all dug in, family style.

Interesting item #1: Guso Seaweed. The seaweed had tiny seawater-filled pearls that you can nibble off during your meal to add that salty flavor.

Interesting item #2: Stingray. This meat was slathered in sauce and tasted great. It was served bone-in, as was most fish we ate over there. Instead of bones, their wings are supported by thin strips of cartilage, lined by meat on either side. It meant you had to slowly enjoy your meat, rather than wolf it down, which makes for a fun dinner.

And once you've scraped off all the meat, you can play with your food.

Lastly, we wandered through the mostly Chinese marketplace. A lot of the stalls had similar items, including vases, textiles, and costume jewelry. There was a food market as well, with dried fish, including shark, and then an enormous mango display.

Palm and I picked green and yellow mangoes from a woman who eagerly allowed us to taste before buying. They were the best mangoes I’ve ever had.

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