She Goos

How Mormor & I kept ourselves entertained on the most recent visit...
A pretty pink baby in a rainstorm.

Frolicking with Peter Rabbit and friends.

(Artistic inspiration by Adele Enersen.)

Naomi is 4.5 weeks!

New tricks:
Says, "Goo" and "Eahh"
Coughs when REALLY hungry and about to be fed
Studies faces and her mobile
Sits in a Bumbo
Smiles when awake and teases at smiling back at us!


4 Week Favorites

Our little babe is almost 4 weeks!

Favorite tricks:

Wide open, curious blue eyes.

Smiling and even chuckling as she falls asleep.

Headbanging to show off her neck strength.

Feeding like a spaz because she's so excited!


New Addition

0ur new love...Miss Naomi...all 8lbs, 14oz, 20"