Happy 6 Months!

New sunglasses and hat. How cute is this? She was "rediscovering" her hands through the tint...it was awesome. I think she hates them, but she also doesn't like the bright sun, so we'll see how much use they get.

All of a sudden, she's changing daily, like the first 3 months. She started having opinions! She desperately wants to stay awake, to taste adult food, to feed herself, and may not want you to take away her toy. She still doesn't like tummy time, but she's making the best of it... Let's get moving!

Happy 6 month birthday to Naomi = Big girl food! Rice cereal was fine and so are peas!

I'll have what you're having! Did I mention she has teeth?!



Naomi & Riley (born 6 weeks after N).

Five happy girls!

Oh Riley, your locks are so beautiful, I think I'll take some. Thanks.


Texas Tired

I forgot to post this one earlier, but I loved these photos of our little girl, all tuckered out.

Hard at play.

After the photo shoot.

On the way to the airport.


After not being entirely keen on the pool in Texas, I thought it would help if I got her a better bathtub (the old one was foldable and didn't support her well). It only took one try and she was LOVING it. I offered her toys, but she was so excited about the splashing that she had no interest. Here's our little water animal: