Monday Apr 19 – Travel to Krabi, Factory Tour

Our next big adventure was a trip to Krabi, Thailand. Palm (but not Scott) came along for this part where she was able squeeze in some work at the family business.

We hesitated about taking this part of the trip, due to the political protests going on in Bangkok. The “Red-Shirts” (National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship) had called for the prime minister to dissolve parliament and hold elections. It escalated into violent confrontations between protestors and military, killing 86 and injuring 2100 between March and May.

We went anyway, given that we flew directly to Krabi (not via Bangkok). Krabi is a good distance from Bangkok, and Palm’s family was keeping an eye out for us.

“Palm” is short for “Paramee Palm Hongsilathong Feist.” She goes by Palm (at least in America) and was given the name because she was born the year her father started his Palm Plantation, about 30 years ago. Since then, he has expanded is acreage and built a refinery, which makes crude palm oil.

My favorite part of Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood was the factory tours, and this became apparent to everyone when I couldn't keep up with the tour group because I was snapping photos.

The palm fruit

becomes palm oil (used in foods and tons of other things) and palm kernel oil (more frequently used in cosmetics).

Steam sterilization

Separating the palm berries from the fiber

Crude oil

Palm Kernels (above)


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