A Happy Crash

I have been handed down the shutterbug starting with grandpa Johnson, passing through my mom and dad and now me! The digital revolution has made learning all the faster, cheaper, and more thrilling. Anyhow, during our week of hiking I was psyched to take some photos of the White Mountains...such an easy subject for impressive photos, even on a gray day! We bought this new compact tripod to capture ourselves as well, but in the process of setting up the stubborn thing, I managed to drop our camera on the rocks and break the screen! Ricky didn't cringe for a second, and we soon started talking about upgrading...awesome husband, I know! Less than a week later, my early birthday present arrived in the mail. How sweet is this?! I'm beginning my new Nikon School of Photography (the free home version) this weekend, so from here out, if my photographs stink, you have only me to blame.


The White Mountains

http://picasaweb.google.com/linsrbins/WhiteMountains for more photos.

Mt. Osceola

Greenleaf trail: Mt. Lafayette and Mt. Lincoln.


Linds and I just got back from a relaxing vacation in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Lindsay's father let us stay in his lake house for the week. I will try to summarize the highlights...

Oreo ice cream, 20 mile bike ride, Mt. Tecumseh hike, Boston Celtics Champs!, lobster roll, tornado ice cream, 20 mile bike ride, Mt. Osceola hike, The Hulk, amazing roast beef sandwich, 20 mile bike ride, Pride and Prejudice, Mt. Lincoln and Lafayette hike, Sydney's excited pirouettes, John burping, Jen K. crop dusting, oreo ice cream, baked haddock with crab topping, chocolate explosion ice cream, outlet mall shopping, amazing veggie sandwich.