New Wheels

This sweet ride came in the mail yesterday & we put it together last night.
This morning, she was excited that she didn't even notice me say goodbye. (Note the still pink "I just woke up" cheeks.)

Impromptu snuggle break.

And tonight...safe to say she was pumped.


Yankee Cousins Part 2

Surprise #1 - Some snow for the California boy

Surprise #2 - cousin Riley, 10 mo, shows up with her mom (Wendy)

4 of 4 sisters (Marnie, Lindsay, Wendy, Julie) and 3 of 4 grandkids (Naomi 1, Luke 4mo, Miles 2.5)

Two busy girls, one happy Mormor

Mormor, her 4 babes and their 4 babes

Surprise #3 - the big California boy (aka Jonathan) arrives via red-eye

Grandpa, his 4 babes (3/4 of their dudes), 4/4 of their babes


Yankee Cousins Part 1

The Kelbers are in town!
Miles 2.5, Naomi 11mo, Luke 4mo

Auntie Marnie trying to engineer the shot with two tykes on the move.

3 of 4 sisters, 2 of 4 cousins

...and the patriarch

One great big happy birthday for Grandpa!


Just for Fun

Kathryn taking care of Naomi has been just sublime. To top it all off, she takes photos like this of my little lady.

P.S. The girl has 10 teeth! 3 molars in one week. Eek.

Yes, a very good day.

I'm busy here but I'll still flash you a little smile.


Leaping into Christmas

I can't believe I didn't take more photos of the cousins together. It was a Houston Christmas. Naomi had a field day. She played hard. The toy collection was not lost on this chick. By the end of the week, we had a new child...she had grown up so much!

A Riley Day

Riley came for a pre-Christmas visit. So fun to see the gap closing on these girls developmentally. They're going to have so much fun running around together.

Sometimes you need more than a kiss to show how much you love.

...all out, knock down, drag out, love attack!

Excuse me...I'm done with photos.

A Sometimes Daddy's Girl

She's still mostly a mama's girl, and I eat it up, but it's so sweet to see her giving out (and receiving) the daddy love too.