Happy 5th Birthday

 Chapped hands got the best of the birthday girl.Treasure chest search for chocolate coins.
Sister approved of the cake.


Swamp People

Today this sick kid insisted on either being naked or an alligator...voila.



Safe to say she's got Halloween figured out.
This video fueled by 1/4 of a snack sized Kit Kat and 20 M&M's.
(sorry for the lighting)


A Mom Tries to Be Productive at Home

We're big on the slow cooker around here, so when I came across this experiment, I had to try it.

The goal: 9 sacks of food sitting in the freezer, ready to be dumped into the cooker and ready 4-8hrs later.

The inspiration:

The implementation:
1) Veggies from mom's garden
2) Shopping at TJ's and Whole Foods
3) A few hours of prep
4) The baby tired of not being the center of attention

5) Taste is TBD!

A Feisty Late May

My last post was before my board exam...which I passed...a golden ticket good for the next ten years.

The reward was a visit from dear friends Scott, Palm, and Paul - all the way from Malaysia!

The highlight for you will be seeing Scott's photography. I'll let it speak for itself.



Having some fun with giraffe.

Snuggle zoo

Love some aunt Marnie